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Affordable Care Act Provision Clears General Assembly

Illinois is on the way to implementing a major component of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” Up to 500-thousand additional uninsured Illinois residents would get coverage through Medicaid, the government insurance program for the poor. Illinois will … Continue reading

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Crucial Plank Of Obamacare Passes Illinois House

In the waning days of its legislative session, Illinois took a major step toward implementing President Barack Obama’s signature health care program. That Democrats, who hold solid majorities in the General Assembly, waited until this late in the session is … Continue reading

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Before Lame Ducks Fly Away: Veto Session Preview

Illinois lawmakers began November with an election that solidified Democratic majorities. They’ll finish the month back at the Capitol. Although it’s technically a veto session, look for more to pop up as well.

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WUIS Health Desk: Branding ‘Obamacare,’ Right and Left

In recent years, the fight between Republicans and Democrats has extended beyond political issues to the very language used to frame debates. Are they “estate taxes” or “death taxes”? Do you say “global warming” or “climate change”? Republicans have been … Continue reading

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WUIS Health Desk: Illinois Reaction to ‘ObamaCare’ Ruling

Thursday’s health-care ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court prompted predictable reactions among Illinois politicians and interest groups. But there were a few surprises. And most people seem to have one thing in common: after months of keeping health care policy-making … Continue reading

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WUIS Health Desk: Quinn Pressured To Create Health Insurance Marketplace

Illinois legislators have sidestepped a political minefield this spring.   As Barack Obama’s home state, there had been a push to implement a key component of the president’s signature health care plan. Instead, General Assembly leaders collectively decided to shelve their … Continue reading

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Illinois Suspends Insurance Exchange Setup

Even though Democrats control government in President Obama’s home state, Illinois legislators are suspending their work to implement a key part of Obama’s signature health care law. Illinois is holding back on creating a so-called “health exchange.” Amanda Vinicky explains. … Continue reading

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