Geocaching In Springfield Parks: 39N, 89W Mark The Spot

park dist logoGeocaching in Springfield’s parks starts this week. As Ray Carter explains, it’s a type of scavenger hunt using electronic devices.

.mp3 – :57

Geocaching requires players to use coordinates on G-P-S devices to locate hidden objects, known as caches.

The coordinates are downloaded from the park district’s website and come with clues to guide participants.
Caches are hidden throughout Springfield parks.

Sean Dickerson says geocaching has a wide range of followers – from extreme enthusiasts to amateurs and families.

Dickerson, who’s the park district’s recreation supervisor, says caches can be anything from T-shirts to gift certificates:

DICKERSON: “Usually it’s a box. It can be anywhere from a box to you know- a fake rock, a fake frog. I’ve seen fake snakes. Even as small as a like a rusty screw that you have stuff hidden in those.”

Treasure seekers can leave an item of equal or less value where they find the caches. The district says it spends less than 100 dollars per year on the program. Players can also enter a drawing to win prizes. I’m Ray Carter.

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