Could Be A Year Before Permanent Superintendent Replaces Milton

sprgpubschlSpringfield may go an entire school year without a permanent superintendent for public schools:

Walter Milton left district 186 in March – a separation agreement worth over $175,000 saw him out. He’s been replaced by interim superintendent Bob Leming. The new school board seated last month has chosen a firm that will conduct a national search for a replacement. It’s charging the district about 20-thousand dollars. Scott McFarland sits on the current board and served on the previous one as well. He says the search should have begun sooner, but:

McFARLAND: “Unfortunately with the election time and everything else it didn’t happen. I am happy now that this new board has decided to go with a national search and go with a provider that will be able to do it for us. I think that’s the most cost effective way of doing things.”

Up to 100 applications are expected. Finalists will interview with the school board as well as the community. McFarland says the hope is someone will be chosen to lead Springfield public schools by winter. But he says it’s possible many candidates would be in positions they’d have to complete before becoming superintendent – therefore it’s possible the job won’t officially be filled until after the upcoming school year.

–Rachel Otwell

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