Illinois Receives Concealed Carry Deadline Extension

Illinois residents waiting for the right to carry a concealed weapon in public will likely to have to wait a bit longer.

A federal court ruled last year Illinois had until June 9 to finalize a concealed carry plan.

Lawmakers in the final days of their spring session passed a plan that complies, but would also limit places where guns could be taken.

The late approval gave the Governor only a few days to decide how he will act on it.

But Illinois’ constitution says the governor shall have 60 days to review legislation.

On Monday, Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed an appeal to extend the federal deadline using that argument.

Madigan’s office said on Tuesday the 7th Circuit Court agreed with her – and extended the deadline an extra 30 days.

The deadline now stands at July 9.

The governor has yet to say what he will do with the measure. Illinois is the only state that prohibits concealed carry. 

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2 Responses to Illinois Receives Concealed Carry Deadline Extension

  1. Ryan Cruzan says:

    Illinois is not the only state to prohibit concealed carry. NJ also prohibits concealed carry. Officially, NJ is a “may issue” state but will only issue if you show “justifiable need”. Nothing is ever accepted as justifiable need. In a state of 9 million residents, NJ issues about 600 permits a year – only to politicians and armed security guards.

  2. Hawaii is also a no-issue state in practice, but like NJ is ‘legally’ may issue. Sucks, for sure.

    But this Bill is a step in the right direction. The other one that the Senate killed was better, but maybe this will be the first step of many for gun rights in Illinois.

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