Rutherford Vows He’d Live In Governor’s Mansion

Rutherford campaign sign

A campaign sign outside Springfield’s American Legion Post 32. Inside, state Treasurer Dan Rutherford was speaking to supporters, formally launching his campaign for governor. (Brian Mackey/WUIS)

The first candidate to formally announce he’s running for governor of Illinois has vowed to live in the Executive Mansion in Springfield. The refusal of recent governors to move to Springfield has become a sore spot with permanent residents of Illinois’ capital city.

Republican state Treasurer Dan Rutherford is making his long-anticipated campaign for governor official on a three-day tour of Illinois that began Sunday in — wait for it — Chicago.

The Executive Mansion in Springfield became an issue a decade ago, when then-governor Rod Blagojevich decided he and his family would be staying in their Chicago home.

During the 2010 campaign, Gov. Pat Quinn said he was different.

“I live there. I think it’s very clear that I live there,” Quinn said. “I have plenty of clothes there, even my underwear there — that’s important.”

But the reality is, based on his public schedules, Quinn spends the majority of his time in and around Chicago. Rutherford says he would be different.

“I will live in the governor’s mansion in Springfield,” Rutherford says.

That said, Rutherford says he would not sell his private residence, in the central Illinois town of Chenoa.

“Yes, I’ve got a home in Chenoa,” he says, “and I happen to have clothes that I have there, too.”

— Brian Mackey

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One Response to Rutherford Vows He’d Live In Governor’s Mansion

  1. barryhouse says:

    I was born and raised in Springfield and currently live in Chatham. I really don’t care WHERE the governor sleeps, just like Republicans didn’t care when Jim Thompson moved his family to Chicago so his daughter could attend school there.

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