Senate Democrats Prepare For Action On Concealed Carry

The president of the Illinois Senate said he’ll fight the concealed-carry measure approved by the House on Friday. He said the first step is meeting with his members on Monday to plot their next move.

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton

Senate President John Cullerton said he is “violently opposed” to the House concealed-carry legislation. But with summer adjournment scheduled for the end of the day Friday, time is running out.

Sen. Kwame Raoul says that makes trying to find a compromise more likely.

RAOUL: “If I were to put together a bill that just Kwame Raoul wanted, it would look different from this. But that’s not my task.”

Raoul and Cullerton — both Democrats from Chicago — said they agree with many aspects of the House legislation, like its prohibition on carrying guns in schools and on public transportation.

The biggest sticking point — language that would eliminate ALL gun rules at the local level, and not just those related to concealed carry.

Cullerton said this is an “overreach” meant to placate the National Rifle Association.

He said for now, the plan is to eliminate that provision and make what he calls “minor changes” to the legal language approved by the House.

—Chris Slaby

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One Response to Senate Democrats Prepare For Action On Concealed Carry

  1. scott says:

    Exactly the opposite- it is a curb on the overreach of local authorities who are creating piecemeal knee-jerk legislation with no understanding of it’s wider effects on state residents, much less the actual lack of local effect on gun crimes it has. This should be a state level matter, just like a driver’s license. Cities and smaller government units don’t have the knowledge and resources to understand or properly administer this area. Their viewpoint is also too parochial to fairly judge who deserves a permit, as well as how permit holders from other parts of the state are going to be aware of when they are in violation of local rules.

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