House Rejects Study With Ties To Scientology

The Illinois House on Wednesday rejected an attempt to take a closer look at the field of psychiatry and its role in shaping Illinois law. As Brian Mackey reports, the sticking point for some lawmakers was a group backing the proposal.

As the field of psychiatry publishes its first new diagnostic manual in more than a decade, it’s been attracting a lot of discussion.

The House resolution would have created a task force to comb through thousands of pages of Illinois laws and regulations, looking for the influence of psychiatry that “may have been recently discredited.”

Rep. Mary Flowers, D-Chicago, says she just wanted to start a conversation about psychiatry.

“We’ve seen the headlines in the newspaper about doctors over-medicating adults, as well as children, because there’s money involved,” Flowers says.

But Rep. Ed Sullivan, R-Mundelein, told fellow lawmakers one of the groups supporting the effort is backed by the Church of Scientology.

“I bring this up because my family has some issues — has had some exposure — with the church of Scientology,” Sullivan says. “And without getting into details, it hasn’t been very good.”

The final vote was 22 yes — with the majority, 92, voting no.

— Brian Mackey

Correction, May 23, 2013: An earlier version of this story mentioned psychology when it should have been referring to psychiatry. The text has been updated.

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25 Responses to House Rejects Study With Ties To Scientology

  1. zemooo says:

    LInks to scientology should be the ‘kiss of death’ for any thing. Kudos to Rep.Sullivan for doing his homework and preventing time and money wasting pro-scientology witch hunt. Taking advise from a space alien exorcism cult never ends well.

    • Eminor says:

      But it’s OK to make money in over drugging and destroying the lives of children, good logic Mr. zemoo!

      • But it’s OK to make money in slave labor and destroying the lives of children, good logic Mr. Eminor!

      • grathuln says:

        I agree there is an over medication issue in the USA for adults and children but it’s far more complex than the sound bites, conspiracy theories and scare stories generated by the church of scientology suggest.

        Parents share a massive part of the responsibility for their children being prescribed drugs. They’re the ones wanting a pill solution who take their kids to see doctors in the first place. The pharmaceutical industry may play some role in generating demand thanks to advertising but the demand comes from the parents.

        The church of scientology makes out that psychiatrists are the ones over medicating when the truth is it’s usually primary care (General Practise) doctors responding to the demands of parents who think their kid needs pills to control their unruly behaviour.

        A lot of people are helped by modern drugs and some (a small minority) children should be medicated for their own good.

      • zemooo says:

        Some children need drugs, usually for a little while. Attention Disorders come in many flavors. some need drugs, some can be trained out of it. Most will need drugs. Google Lisa McPherson to see how $cientology contends with mental problems. While psychiatry you can get cures, with $cientology all you get is poorer.

    • Larry Moore says:

      Rep. Sullivan did far more than homework. Read through the lines. Someone in his own family experienced the insidious criminal side of the cult. As he said “without getting into details, it hasn’t been very good.”. Translated: Scientology tried to suck the life out of someone he knows and loves. At least that’s my reading of it.

      On the other hand, Xenu is not happy with Illinois.

  2. Dan Courtney says:

    The only investigation should be into how so many people are scammed by Scientology, and why the IRS continues to grant them tax-free status.

  3. Dean Fox says:

    Thank goodness that Rep Sullivan alerted the rest to the church of scientology’s shenanigans; I’m only disappointed that 22 people still voted for the measure despite finding out about its link to the church of scientology.

  4. Jim Jones says:

    They don’t need drugs. They need to get the space alien ghosts off their bodies. That’s 100% standard tech.

  5. Rep. Flowers wants to start a conversation about psychology. I think the legislature has enough real life issues to work on without having conversations about subjects only tangentially related to those issues.

    • Anonsoldier says:

      Then she should bring forward stuff that isn’t backed by a group which has outright declared war on the mental health profession and maintains an anti-psychiatry hate exhibit in Los Angeles.

  6. Lars says:

    “it hasn’t been been very good” ….that is the understatement of the century….

  7. eminor says:

    “Ritalin is Similar to Cocaine”–
    Go for it Anonymous and Ed Sullivan, get our kids hooked on drugs while probably getting a monetary kick back every time the shrinks overdose a child with Ritalin. So, it makes it easy then to target a religion as a scapegoat to keep any investigations off of yourselves.

    • grathuln says:

      A perfect example of ridiculous conspiracy theory mentality. If you seriously believe “shrinks” pay people for every child they overdose with Ritalin you have issues. That’s just a dumb idea.

      If you believe the church of scientology isn’t getting exactly the kind of attention it deserves you have serious issues.

      I really hope you’re just a troll.

    • Anonsoldier says:

      If we were targeting a religion, we’d let you know. Instead we’re targeting a dangerous criminal organization that calls itself the Church of Scientology. Now excuse me, I need to go deposit my check from Big Pharma for all my protest work and all the kids I’ve gotten doped up on the Ritalin this week. *eyeroll*

  8. General practitioners are the ones prescribing the most drugs, up to 80% of them, not psychiatrists.

    • grathuln says:

      Yep, yet the church of scientology still persists in their obsession with psychiatrists.

      • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone says:

        Scientology can’t tell the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist, so they just shorten it to psych.

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