Senators Call For Gov. Quinn To Replace DHFS Director

Two key factions in the Illinois Senate majority say the director of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services needs to go.

Julie Hamos has been director of HFS since 2010.

After last year’s cuts in health care for the poor, elderly and disabled – and the possibility of even more cuts in the future – some Senate Democrats are calling for a change.

The African-American and Latino caucuses sent a letter to Governor Pat Quinn last week urging him to replace Hamos.

They say she made cutting spending her top priority, not helping the disadvantaged.

Quinn’s office, however, says he still supports Hamos, which didn’t go over well with Sen. Donne Trotter, D-Chicago, who co-signed the letter.

TROTTER: “Hitler supported Goebbels too and his propaganda he was pushing forth during his crusade. So if this is the person, this is the face you want to represent your administration, then we need to get rid of both of them.”

The governor has submitted paperwork nominating Hamos to another two-year term.

Her confirmation is still pending before the Senate.

—Chris Slaby

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