Hannibal Historic District Shop Blown Apart In Storm

Dog groomer and other shops in downtown Hannibal damaged Monday night

Dog groomer and other shops in downtown Hannibal damaged Monday night (credit: Dominic Genetti)

Monday night’s severe storms stopped the presses of the local newspaper in Hannibal, Missouri.

A widespread power outage prevented the Hannibal Courier-Post from getting a print edition to readers early Monday.  But Courier-Post reporter Dominic Genetti tells Peter Gray on Illinois he was able to use the internet and social media to get damage reports to readers:

Illinois Edition Interview with Genetti .mp3 – 9:10


Initial reports indicated that two funnel clouds had been spotted outside of Hannibal.

But Tuesday afternoon the National Weather Service confirmed 90-mph straight-line winds were the cause of the damage.

Genetti says the worst damage he has seen this morning is in the city’s historic downtown, where a few shops, including the local dog groomer, took a major hit.

GENETTI: “The roof caved in – thanks to some bricks that were blown around – crashing in on an art gallery [below] and a couple of the little stores you see down there. But the biggest damage on Main Street has to be a building just adjacent to that. The entire third floor has been… just blown out.”

The Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum is just down the street.  It sustained only minor damage.

Brenna McDermott says she and other employees at the national historic site feel “very lucky” that it came out of the storm unscathed.

No injuries have been reported in Hannibal.

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One Response to Hannibal Historic District Shop Blown Apart In Storm

  1. cindy says:

    Good interview Dominique. It was scary. You know where me and Alex live back across this creek. By the time the alarms went off we was flooded in already. ANd we live in this modular home. We got in our bedroom closet. We had trees all along the back of our property uprooted but luckily the two big tree’s behind our bedroom didn’t come down. Only a branch that missed our home. We had a bedroom window blow out and our skirting tore up. A lot of damage to our property. Happy to be ok.

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