Sandy Hook Parents To Illinois Legislators: “Prevent Your Own Newtown”

Illinois legislators have yet to reach an agreement on concealed carry … but a Senate committee advanced a separate gun control measure. The plan would forbid the future sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Nicole Hockley says she’s not a political person or a lobbyist.
She’s the mother of six-year-old Dylan … who was murdered last December in his classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Connecticut.
The shooter, she says, used 30-round magazines.

HOCKLEY: “He chose to leave his smaller capacity magazines at home. He chose to have the best kill rate possible by using his high-capacity magazines, which only exist to spray as many bullets as possible in the shortest timeframe without reloading … In an instant, my precious boy was gone and so was everyone else.”

Hockley told Senators that what happened in Newtown could happen in Illinois …. but banning the sale of high-capacity magazines would help to prevent it.

HOCKLEY: “You are taking an action to prevent your own Newtown.”

KELLER: “A magazine ban is a knee-jerk reaction that fials to address the underlying societal problems.”

That’s Jay Keller, who represents Illinois companies that make guns. He says to prevent tragedies, lawmakers need to broaden their focus, and improve mental health services. Keller says manufacturers will move out of state if the measure passes.
Gun-owners would be allowed to keep magazines they already have.
-Amanda Vinicky

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3 Responses to Sandy Hook Parents To Illinois Legislators: “Prevent Your Own Newtown”

  1. James Hugley says:

    Illinois already has it’s own Sandy Hook. It’s called Chicago. More kids die in the streets of Chicago every year than several Sandy Hooks. Chicago already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. More proof that criminals don’t follow gun laws. Who is paying to put these people up while they lobby for gun laws that most people in Illinois don’t want? The tax payers? Send them home and quit using them as political pawns.

  2. Pete S says:

    Imagine Adam Lanza’s post-it notes found in his room if the magazine ban had been in place then…
    – Study previous serial killers and try to gain fame by emulating them
    – Train with weapons. Buy ammo and tactical vest.
    – Wake up, shower, and shoot mom in the face
    – Take guns, go to former grade school, and shoot my way in.
    – Shoot administrators and teachers dead.
    – Shoot and kill 20 6 year olds
    – Be sure not to use magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. That would be illegal.
    – Be sure to practice quick reloads, because some of the bigger 6 year old might try to rush me as I reload.
    How do people not see how pointless this is?

  3. Seven says:

    Why don’t they just ban the mentally unstable?

    Oops, my mistake, I was advocating eugenics for a moment!

    Make up your damn minds liberals, and show some restraint with your First Amendment rights before you kill someone with them!

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