Sen. Raoul: Outside Efforts Delay Concealed Carry Measure


Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, addresses the media after the Illinois Senate adjourned on May 17, 2013 (Chris Slaby/WUIS)

The latest concealed carry proposal in the Illinois legislature is on hold after its sponsor says “extremist” efforts deterred lawmakers from supporting it.

While Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, wouldn’t name who was behind the efforts, he did offer this tidbit.

RAOUL: “These are people who use aggressive advocacy efforts. Legal advocacy efforts but aggressive advocacy efforts. People who rate you by grades as if you were in school.”

Raoul said he wasn’t sure if he had enough “yes” votes beforehand, but he did say he’s done making changes to his legislation.

This comes after Raoul twice modified the plan.

One change removed a “good moral character” requirement for concealed-carry applicants. The other would require local law enforcement officials to assert applicants are dangerous before asking they be denied a carry permit.

Only two weeks remain before lawmakers are scheduled to leave for the summer. Raoul would not say when he plans to call his proposal.

—Chris Slaby

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4 Responses to Sen. Raoul: Outside Efforts Delay Concealed Carry Measure

  1. jim stacy says:

    if it walks like a duck , its a pretty good chance its a duck ! all the people of Il are surpposed to take a licken and keep on ticken aint that right BUB!!!!!!!!!

  2. Donnie says:

    Ridiculous. Look, Kwame Raoul, it’s nothing personal here. We just don’t agree with the restrictions in your bill. You’re still a swell guy and all, but the bill is unacceptable.
    What “outside efforts?” NRA lobbyist Vandermyde, who’s from Illinois and works only here? The Illinois State Rifle Association? Illinois Carry? A flood of phone calls, comment cards and emails to IL Senators from their constituents?
    If I complain about corruption, graft, and political dirty tricks, I get told “politics ain’t beanbag” and “Illinois politics is a full-contact sport.” Anything goes as long as it serves the incumbent’s interest, in other words. But if you disagree with him, lobbying, constituent phone calls and letter-graded evaluations of candidates are painted as just barely legal bullying.

  3. Joe Gooch says:

    C O N S T I T U T I O N, Kwamee. Read it. Learn it. Live it.

  4. charles veal says:

    Mr. Raoul, I dont have a college degree but I am neither dumb nor stupid, so take one piece of advice, [ when you come for mine, bring yous ] but wait– you are from Chicago so you won’t be allowed to own one right?

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