Dist. 186 To Interview Search Firms Re: New Superintendent

sprgpubschlThe Springfield school board decided last night it will begin interviewing search firms and may hire one to find a new superintendent for district 186. The district has an interim superintendent who took over for Walter Milton at the beginning of April. It’s been debated since then how to go about finding someone to permanently replace him. Board members say it’s not likely a candidate will be picked by the beginning of next school year. The board decided it will begin interviewing search firms as early as next week. Board member Scott McFarland says that means progress as far as getting someone hired:

McFARLAND: “I think we’re quite a bit closer because now we have a game-plan in terms of what the next step is, and that is going to be looking at potential search firms, looking at what they’re going to tell us would be a good timeline for that search…”

The board hasn’t decided yet it will definitely use a search firm. McFarland says a search could cost anywhere from 19 to 35 thousand dollars. Tim Ruyle, a teacher at Wilcox Elementary, says hiring a search firm would be too costly:

RUYLE: “I’m still opposed to doing a national search. I think it’s a lot of money and I don’t think that we’re in the financial position to spend 20 to 35 thousand dollars to do a search for a superintendent.”

Others say spending up to 35 thousand dollars is worth finding a competent superintendent for Springfield public schools. The Springfield board plans to discuss how to move forward with the search at the next regular meeting on May 20th.

— Rachel Otwell

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