Video Gambling “Conflict of Interest” Proposal Advances in House

A plan that would allow a video gambling company to monitor other companies’ games across Illinois is one vote away from the governor’s desk.

It passed a House panel Wednesday and now heads to the floor.

Every seven years, Illinois contracts with a private company to make sure video gambling machines follow state rules.

Mark Lerner said his company, Bally Technologies, didn’t submit a bid the last time around because Illinois law doesn’t allow gaming manufacturers to fill the role.

Lerner said that would give a company “unfair advantages,” like knowing what the competition is up to, and…

LERNER: “The fact that your product, the product that you make, has to work on their system.”

But the winning bid was placed by a manufacturing company, Scientific Games.

Steve Angelo is the vice-president of one of Scientific’s subsidiaries.

He said there plenty of reasons to avoid a conflict of interest.

ANGELO: “If we fail to meet any rules or regulations or break any laws, we’ll lose our license. And if we lose our license in one jurisdiction, we will lose licenses across the globe.”

The measure’s sponsor says Scientific Gaming submitted its bid before the current “conflict of interest” law was put into place.

He says Illinois could lose more than a thousand jobs if the company is not allowed to keep manufacturing.

—Chris Slaby

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2 Responses to Video Gambling “Conflict of Interest” Proposal Advances in House

  1. Bill says:

    Gambling is a money grab for politicians – pure & simple. The political leadership of Illinois has created the second-most anti-business climate in the nation, destroyed real jobs, and driven the state into insolvency. Gambling is not about jobs. I hope people in Illinois wake up and see the truth – this is about lining the pockets of politicians and feathering their retirement nests.

    We already see the seedy conflicts of interest coming to light with this bill and Bally Technologies. Gambling expansion will only increase the corruption.

  2. Mike says:

    Mr. Angelo is the VP of the company (WMS Gaming) that fully supported this “conflict of interest” provision from the start. Now the company he works for is being purchased by Scientific Games this is why his company no longer supports this.
    And to say 1000 people may lose their jobs if we keep the “conflict of interest” provision makes no sense.
    The fact that WMS is selling the company to Scientific Games in itself will most likely result in job loses.

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