186 Calls Another Mtg Re: Superintendent Search

sprgpubschlThe newly seated Springfield school board has decided it will hold another meeting to discuss a search for a new superintendent. Walter Milton left the job under an agreement with the district earlier this year. Chuck Flamini was appointed as the new school board president. He originally proposed holding a private executive meeting to discuss how to acquire a new superintendent:

FLAMINI: “What we were trying to do is have a meeting where we in fact could get some information, that we could also put together a position paper to how we’re going to do it … will we have a budget – you know, all of that.”

The issue was raised that it may be illegal to have such a meeting behind closed doors. It was decided that it will be open to the public at 5:30 this Thursday night. The board also rejected taking another look at ways to keep the Capitol College Preparatory Academy open – a school the previous board voted to close. Tensions were high as the new members were seated with arguments erupting over the appointments of board president and vice president and the new superintendent search.

The meeting regarding the search for a superintendent will be at 5:30 at the District 186 Administrative headquarters (1900 W. Monroe St.)

CLICK HERE for more information or to leave a comment re: the search for a superintendent.

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