Speaker: Same Sex Marriage Stalled, Fracking A Go

Illinois’ legislators have less than a month before they’re scheduled to adjourn. The Speaker of the Illinois House made some predictions about what will — and what may not — happen before then.

A measure to legalize same sex marriage in Illinois already got state Senators’ approval.
But the Speaker of the Illinois House says there’s not enough support for it to pass in that chamber.
Mike Madigan said in March that gay marriage was a dozen votes shy in the House.

MADIGAN: “We’ve been working on behalf of marriage equality. We’re a little closer. But we’re not yet there. But we’re a little closer.”

Another controversial issue before the General Assembly? “Fracking” … drilling deep underground to access oil and natural gas.
Even though Madigan say he personally favors a ban … he predicts legislation will advance to regulate fracking.

MADIGAN: “Oh I’m for a moratorium. But I think we’ll do a bill.”

The drilling industry and some environmentalists have reached an agreement on fracking, but Madigan has been accused of holding it up by inserting a provision on behalf of a labor union.
– Amanda Vinicky

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3 Responses to Speaker: Same Sex Marriage Stalled, Fracking A Go

  1. JeanP says:

    Even if the SB 10 (Marriage Equality) gets a vote down on the Chamber, The house of representatives owes a vote to LGBT people in the state. There are still many undecided legislators if the bill is that close, it might pass. A shot at it is better than nothing!

  2. Eric Homa says:

    If the speaker was actually behind the bill it would pass in a heart beat. But he does not really care. He is afraid to push for this as he wants his daughter to become governor. He is afraid if he pushes to pass same sex marriage it would hurt her chances.

  3. Now that the speaker’s daughter is out and on the record as supporting marriage equality – he ought to follow suit. Sheep.

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