Illinois Senate Approves Gambling Expansion

Sen. Terry Link

Sen. Terry Link

The Illinois Senate has once again approved an expansion of gambling. But it remains to be seen whether Governor Pat Quinn will go along with the plan.

LISTEN: The full Senate debate of gambling expansion.

The legislation would create new casinos in Chicago, the suburbs, Rockford and Danville. It would also allow slot machines at horse racetracks.

Lawmakers have been working on this expansion for years, but Quinn has vetoed two previous attempts.

In response, Sen. Terry Link, D-Waukegan, says he’s tried to meet the governor’s demands, such as banning campaign donations by gambling license holders. He also took out a controversial plan that would have allowed gambling over the Internet.

“I don’t have a crystal ball to see what he’s going to do,” Link says. “But I would hope that he will see this as a huge effort forward and sign the bill.”

The governor has taken note of Link’s efforts. Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson says the legislation “appears to be moving in the right direction.” But she says the administration is still trying to tweak the proposal as it moves on to the Illinois House.

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