Historic Springfield Site Included on “Endangered” List

An historic orphanage in Springfield is included on a list detailing landmarks at risk in Illinois.

Courtesy: Landmarks Illinois

Courtesy: Landmarks Illinois

Chris Slaby reports on the past, present, and future of the Lincoln Colored Home.

Landmarks Illinois, a historical advocacy group, ranks the home on its annual “Ten Most Endangered Historic Places.”

Built in 1898, the home was an orphanage for black children for more than 40 years.

After it became a private residence, it was bought by a former Tuskegee airman in 2005, who hoped to turn it into a museum.

HUBBARD: “Unfortunately, my dad didn’t understand that history can be very expensive when he took this project on.”

Springfield resident Lyman Hubbard, Jr. said his father died in 2012, leaving it to his family to finish the project.

Hubbard says his family just doesn’t have the money, and is now looking to either sell the home. He said if that doesn’t work, the plan is to auction it off.

HUBBARD: “It’s just bringing the building back to life and making it an integral part of the community like it used to be. So however that process occurs, it really doesn’t matter.”

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