Videotaping Bus Stops Measure Clears Illinois Senate

The Illinois Senate approved legislation Wednesday that would allow for videotaping cars that pass stopped school buses.

Chris Slaby has more.

The measure would allow school districts to install cameras on buses to make sure cars stop when students are being picked up or dropped off.

Senator Mike Jacobs (D-East Moline) said the legislation should not be a big deal for most drivers.

JACOBS: “If you don’t want to get picked up for running past a school bus, then stop your car. It’s not that difficult.”

Police would review the tapes and issue $150 fines for first-time offenders. Subsequent violations would result in $500 fines.

But these would be civil violations — not criminal — meaning they could be given without an appearance in court.

That’s a problem for opponents of the plan, who say it violates due process.

The measure passed 36 to 12.

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