Flooding Concerns In West Central Illinois

Workers continue to ready levees for the rising Illinois in the west central part of the state.   Along the river in Scott County, about fifteen minutes west of Jacksonville, the river was rising and volunteers were in shorter supply because of cold rainy weather.   Randy Dolen is in charge of the Scott County Drainage and Levee Commission District:

DOLEN  “Our problem is going to be a height issue. We’re sandbagging and putting up board fence as fast as we can, but its just a big race right now.”

Dolen says there’s a foot and a half of room on some of the levees..with two and a half feet of water on the way in coming days.

flood 030Bob Fitzsimmons, the Jacksonville-Morgan county emergency manager says he was seeing a breach in a levy, which would eventually cover farmland and affect a few homes and roads. Fitzisimmons says back up protection put in place this week will keep the river out of Meredosia.  He says the main job will be keeping an eye on things:

FITZSIMMONS  “We’ll be walking leveees, we’ll have reaction teams ready to go out if we got a raise after the crest, or something changes or any other issues so we’ll be able to put our efforts towards those.”

It could still be a couple of days before the crest reaches that far south on the Illinois River.

– Bill Wheelhouse

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