NRA-Backed Gun Plan Falls Short In Illinois House

A concealed carry measure supported by the National Rifle Association was defeated in the Illinois House last night. It’s legislators latest attempt to comply with a court order that they pass a law permitting people to carry guns in public.

Backers of the plan describe it as the strictest in the country. It would require anyone to undergo ten hours of training before they could be issued a gun permit. A portion of the $100 permit fee would be used to keep firearms away from the mentally ill. And guns would not be allowed in bars, or on college campuses.
Sponsor Brandon Phelps, a Democrat from Marion – in southern Illinois, says it will prevent crime  – especially in Chicago, which has been racked by gun violence despite strict regulations.
“Because the criminals know they don’t fear retaliation. That’s why I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you being able to protect yourself and your family.”
“The only hunting that’s happening in my neighborhood is of young men. More guns aren’t the answer to our gun problem in Chicago.”
That’s Democratic Representative Kelly Cassidy, who’s from Chicago. Of course, her even far more restrictive proposal was defeated earlier this week.
Legislators have until June 9 to pass some form of a concealed carry law.
– Amanda Vinicky

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One Response to NRA-Backed Gun Plan Falls Short In Illinois House

  1. William Ramsey says:

    My personal opinion is that anyone even remotely connected to Chicago politics should not be allowed a voice in the matter of concealed carry.Do they have criminal friends they want to protect or what?The rest of the state would be far better off if they made Chicago a district of its own and exclude it from the state of Illinois.

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