Holocaust Survivor Shares Story During Memorial Ceremony

People gathered in Springfield’s Old State Capitol in Springfield Thursday morning for a ceremony remembering the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust.

Chris Slaby has the story of one survivor who lost her family.

Agnes Schwartz has lived in the U.S. since 1947, and now resides in Skokie.

But she was born in Hungary in 1933.

Schwartz says she missed most of the tragic events in Europe. Most – until Nazi Germany entered Hungary in 1944, just a year before the end of World War Two.

SCHWARTZ: “Of course we had to start wearing the yellow star. And my father lost his business. And in June, we had to move out of our nice apartment.”

Schwartz says she and her family were moved to an area of Hungary’s capital, Budapest, that the Nazis had designated for Jews.

She says she was eventually smuggled out and lived with the family’s former housekeeper for the rest of the war.

While Schwartz and her father survived, she says she later learned her uncle, aunt, and grandmother were killed in Budapest just before it was liberated.

Her mother died in the same concentration camp as Anne Frank.

SCHWARTZ: “I have no physical scars. I have no numbers. My scars are all emotional and they’ve been with me all my life.”

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