Concealed Carry Debate Triggers Anger On House Floor



The clock is ticking for Illinois to pass a law that lets people carry guns in public. During a debate in the Illinois House Wednesday, it became apparent that the pressure is getting to lawmakers. Amanda Vinicky reports:

A federal court says Illinois has until early June to lift the state’s ban on concealed carry.
The latest of the many plans debated by the House would let sheriffs decide whether someone has a good enough reason to carry a gun.

Representative Scott Drury, a Democrat from Highwood, criticized Republicans for opposing the plan.

DRURY: “It is absolute nonsense. You know you can scream all you want.”
“The House will be in order!”

His comments prompted Republican Mike Bost of Murphysboro – a gun rights advocate – to stand up and yell … which Drury used against him.

DRURY: “So here’s my point, members. We don’t want someone like that carrying a concealed weapon.”
VOICES: “Whooo…”

Bost, this time joined by the rest of the House Republicans, stood up and started shouting all over again.


Bost apologized for his outburst – after the measure was soundly defeated.

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