Three Dist. 186 Employees On Leave Due To Leaked Data

SprgPubSchlThree district 186 employees have been placed on administrative leave due to possible involvement with leaked student records. That’s according to the district’s spokesperson. This comes as a result of an internal investigation as well as one conducted by the Springfield Police Department.

The records were test scores of students attending Capitol College Preparatory Academy. Final actions are expected to be proposed to the school board before the board’s next meeting on April 22nd. There is a district review planned to see who has electronic access to confidential data. That’s meant to result in tighter restrictions on who can see student records. The State’s Attorney says he’s looking into whether criminal charges are appropriate.


April 12, 2013

Statement concerning misuse of student records

“As a result of a Springfield Police Department investigation and an internal District inquiry into the involvement of District employees in the misuse of individual student records, the Springfield School District has placed three District employees on administrative leave. The District also has taken affirmative steps to prevent these employees from having access to any District files or systems during the period of administrative leave.

It is expected that final personnel actions regarding these employees will be recommended to the Springfield School Board prior to the April 22, 2013, meeting.

During its internal investigation, the District has explicitly reminded all staff of Board policies and federal and state laws regarding access to confidential data. A District review of electronic access privileges has begun and will result in tighter restrictions placed on those who have access to student data, how such access will be authorized, how staff are to respond to public and internal requests for data, and who is to authorize the release of district data.

Next week, the District will meet with families who are interested in discussing the student records issue and will brief them on the proposed measures the District expects to implement in order to avoid this situation in the future.

The Springfield School District will do everything necessary to protect the privacy rights of its students. Regardless of whether criminal charges are pursued, the District considers any allegations regarding the abuse of student privacy to be of paramount concern and will not tolerate employees who ignore Board policy and/or state and federal law.”

CLICK HERE for a link to the police report – posted by the State Journal-Register.

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