Activists, Victims Call For Gun Regulations

Quinn 041113 gun regulation rallyAs Illinois lawmakers consider lifting the concealed-carry ban, activists rallied to call on legislators to also enact new gun regulations.
A court has given the state until early June to pass a law allowing people to carry guns in public.
While gun-control advocates like Senator Dan Kotowski have accepted that, they say Illinois can still enact restrictions.

“Teddy bears are more regulated than guns. Teddy bears are tested for sharp edges, points, flammability, loose parts. How many children died from teddy bears last year?


KOTOWSKI: How many?”


KOTOWSKI: “It’s because we took the steps to protect children from unsafe teddy bears. Why can we not do the same with guns? ”

Kotowski, a Park Ridge Democrat, says he wants the state to pass the strongest possible gun laws.
Activists want to keep guns out of bars and stadiums and off public transportation systems.
They also want to pass a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” to limit the size of magazines and require universal background checks.
Gun-owners say they won’t accept a concealed carry law that is too strict.

-Amanda Vinicky

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