Proposal Would Punish Teachers Who Don’t Report Hazing

Students in Illinois who commit hazing against classmates face fines, probation, and even time behind bars.

A proposal that advanced in the Illinois legislature on Wednesday would extend those penalties to school personnel who fail to report such incidents to police.

Chris Slaby reports.

Representative Martin Moylan, a Democrat from Des Plaines, said his legislation follows an incident in his district earlier this year.

A high school soccer coach was fired when several freshmen were allegedly beaten and sexually assaulted as part of a hazing ritual.

MOYLAN: “This was reported to a parent and when the coaches knew about it, the teachers knew about it, they didn’t do any corrective measures.”

Moylan’s plan would make it a misdemeanor for teachers, coaches and school administrators to not report hazing.

Punishment could include up to a year in jail.

MOYLAN: “We’re saying when they do nothing, they do not act, they’re going to be held just as responsible as the hazers.”

The measure was unanimously approved by a House committee and now heads to the floor.

—Chris Slaby

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