Teachers Cut At 186 School Board Meeting

SprgPubSchl16 teaching positions will be cut in district 186 as a result of a vote at last night’s (4/8) school board meeting in Springfield. The board is working to shave down its budget – which is millions of dollars short for the coming fiscal year.

Interim superintendent Robert Leming says chances are good the laid-off teachers will be given other vacant roles. Still, Leming says effects of the lay-offs will be felt in the district:

LEMING: “It’s going to  increase class size. It’s going to create combination classes. It’s just less and we have to be able to do as much as we’re doing now with less people. So that impacts kids in the classrooms and we don’t like that, but we don’t like our economic situation.”

It also came to light at last night’s meeting that a goal that grew out of the decades old de-segregation order to have about 18 percent of district teachers be African American has yet to be met.

Meanwhile Springfield police have indicated they are nearly finished with a report regarding leaked student test data.  And the board secretary says some missing details from a closed door meeting about budget cuts last year are being re-created by working with committee members. She says she doesn’t know why the tape recordings failed. The board also talked about how they could have possibly neglected to record much of a meeting about former superintendent Walter Milton‘s separation agreement. School board president Susan White says she does not expect the recordings were tampered with intentionally.

School board elections are today.

-Rachel Otwell

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