Rep. Lang: Medical Marijuana “Close to Passage” in Illinois House

The Illinois House could vote as soon as this week on a measure that would allow patients with certain medical conditions to legally use marijuana.

Chris Slaby has more.

Rockford resident Jessica Bauer said she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011.

She’s just starting her third round of chemotherapy to slow the cancer down, but she said the chemo also slows her down physically.

Bauer said that’s why even though it’s illegal, she smokes marijuana.  She said it gives her energy for activities like playing with her daughter.

BAUER: “I can rid of my Xanax, I can get rid of my pain pills. So I went from being on over 11 medications, I’m down to five.”

The sponsor of a measure that would legalize marijuana for people like Bauer says he plans to call the plan for a vote no later than next week.

Representative Lou Lang, a Democrat from Skokie, says his plan has the strictest regulations in the country.

Patients would only be allowed to purchase the marijuana from qualified vendors, who could only purchase from certified growers.

Lang also says patients would need a doctor’s note explaining the condition needing treatment.

LANG: “If you don’t have one of those medical conditions, you’re not getting this product.”

There would be more than 30 ailments that would be eligible for medical marijuana treatment – including cancer, glaucoma  and Parkinson’s.

—Chris Slaby

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