Update On Investigation Re: Leaked Student Test Scores

SprgPubSchlLocal police are close to finishing their investigation into leaked information about some students in the Springfield school district. But the findings won’t come out until after tomorrow’s school board election. 

A recent scandal involving leaked student test scores has drawn the attention of parents and community members. The scores are of students attending Capitol College Preparatory Academy, which the school board recently voted to close. It’s been alleged that the scores were requested by someone trying to prove it’s the right decision to close the school. Cliff Buscher is the deputy chief of criminal investigations for the Springfield, he said this today (4/8):

BUSCHER: “At this point we’ve pretty much completed the investigation into it. We have to get everything documented, typed up … I’ll go over it as soon as we get it all put on paper and then we will meet with the State’s Attorney on it, give him copies of all the reports and brief him up on what we have.”

Buscher says the department will share its findings with the State’s Attorney this week, but not until after the election. It’s then up to the State’s Attorney whether or not to pursue criminal charges. Transparency has been an issue for the current school board. For example: negotiations on a separation agreement with former superintendent Walter Milton were done secretly and recordings that should have been kept were not.

School board elections are tomorrow. There will be a school board meeting open to the public tonight at 6:30 at the gymnasium at Grant Middle School on West Monroe St.

 -Rachel Otwell

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