Houston Talks Infrastructure During State Of City Address

houstonSpringfield Mayor Mike Houston spent his lunch hour Monday selling members of the business community on the need to raise taxes and fees to pay for infrastructure projects.

In his annual State of the City luncheon address, the mayor thanked the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce for backing two of his funding proposals:  A 1/2 of one percent sales tax hike and a 50 percent sewer rate increase over ten years.

LISTEN – “State of the City” Address 2013


Houston says it wasn’t easy for the Chamber to say yes to a heavier tax burden – and it won’t be for the City Council either.  But he says the city can’t afford to further delay investments in its streets, sidewalks and sewers.

HOUSTON: “Responsible government means tackling problems head on and not deferring it to future generations.  We must reasonably and cautiously address the crumbling infrastructure and lay the groundwork for sustained prosperity in Springfield.”

Houston wants residents to contact their representatives on the City Council to let them know what they think.  Tuesday night they’re scheduled to begin debating the Mayor’s funding proposals.

-Peter Gray

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