UIS To Offer New Classes For Military Veterans, Active Personnel

Past and present members of the armed forces will soon be able to examine their military careers in an academic setting.

Chris Slaby has more on the new classes being offered at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Kevin Beeson never served in the military, but said over the years he has developed a great respect for those who have.

Beeson said he’s wanted to give something back to them, and found a way as a visiting instructor at UIS.

BEESON: “I just felt like there needed to be something that they could identify with. A class that said ‘Hey, this class is just for you.’”

Beeson created two classes – one for combat veterans, and another for retired and active service members.

Students will talk about their military experiences, and also do an in-depth project about an important event in their lives.

Even though that event doesn’t have to be military-related, Ryan Yantis said that doesn’t matter as long as it helped the student become a better person.

Yantis is with the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs. He says the program could serve as a model for other universities…

YANTIS: “As long as it helps our veterans achieve their educational goals.”

The classes are scheduled to start at UIS this summer.

—Chris Slaby

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One Response to UIS To Offer New Classes For Military Veterans, Active Personnel

  1. Jessica Davis says:

    I think this is a great idea. I am so glad this opportunity exists for our veterans. They’ve given so much, it’s time for us to step up and help any way we can. Thank you, UIS & Mr. Beeson.

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