U.S. Rep. Davis Optimistic Congress Will Reach Budget Deal

The U.S. House and Senate have each approved separate budget measures for next year.

The next step – working on a version both chambers can agree on.

Partisan gridlock has prevented a deal, but a freshman Congressman from central Illinois says there’s hope.  Chris Slaby reports.

To understand each chamber’s budget proposal, one only has to see which party is in charge, and fall back on stereotypes.


U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) discusses the federal budget plans during a March 26 presentation with the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce as President/CEO Steward Sandstrom (center) and Todd Maisch, executive vice president of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce (left), look on.

The Senate, controlled by Democrats, raises taxes on the wealthy to protect social welfare programs.

The House, in the hands of Republicans, passed a more austere plan that cuts the corporate tax rate and includes deep cuts to Medicaid.

DAVIS: “Yes, they’re two distinct, different visions for America, but what did you expect? They’re frameworks. They’re a laid-out plan of action.”

U.S. Representative Rodney Davis is a Republican from Taylorville.  He says he’s optimistic the chambers will reach an agreement.

Davis says for the first time in four years, each chamber will have a proposal from the other to consider.

Davis also says he’s encouraged by President Barack Obama reaching out to meet with House Republicans.

DAVIS: “Well, we’ve got a lot of nay-sayers in my caucus that say he doesn’t mean it. I’m optimistic the steps he’s taking show he wants to have a legacy, and we want to have a legacy too.”

Lawmakers are at least a couple of weeks away from considering any budget.

Congress just started its spring break, and is not scheduled to resume until the week of April 8.

—Chris Slaby

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