Talk Of Supt. Search During 186 Candidate Forum

186pictureDistrict 186 school board incumbents and hopefuls met this morning at a candidate forum. Much of the talk centered on a search for a new superintendent. The current board chose to end Walter Milton‘s contract at the end of this month. An interim replacement will take over the first of April. Rachel Otwell tells us more: 


FULL AUDIO of the candidate forum today: 


During a candidate forum the Citizens Club of Springfield hosted today those running for the board were asked how they should look for a new superintendent. Answers included a local or national search.

Incumbent Judy Johnson says she has overseen the process before:

JOHNSON: “I believe that we need a national search, and if we have local candidates who are qualified then they will surely come out in the wash.”

Some others said it would be fiscally responsible for the board to do a local search – one limited to candidates in Illinois.

Katharine Eastvold is a candidate and a parent of 4 children. She says talk of a national versus local search is a bit of a red herring because it’s too either/or:

EASTVOLD: “What we need to do is we need to find the best candidate … the very first thing that we need to do before we look at a single resume, is get community input.”

The school board has yet to solidify plans for a search, though the two incumbents running unopposed: Judy Johnson and Scott McFarland are tasked with leading that effort. Elections for the board are April 9th.

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