Tanning Bed Ban Clears Illinois House

Tanning beds would be off limits to anyone under 18 under a measure passed by the Illinois House this Thursday afternoon. Chris Slaby reports.

Tanning salons would have to check clients’ identifications before allowing them to use a tanning bed.

Representative Naomi Jakobsson, a Democrat from Urbana, says teens often tan, thinking it improves their image.

JAKOBSSON: “The advertising doesn’t tell them they’re very likely to be exposing their bodies to skin cancer in the future.”

Minors would still be allowed to get spray-on tans, which supporters say do not pose a health risk.

But opponents say it should be up to parents to have the final say on their childrens’ tanning habits.

Representative Dennis Reboletti is a Republican from Elmhurst.

REBOLETTI: “It looks like the nanny state is getting stronger here in the state of Illinois. We’ve tried to now ban trans fats, cell phones, shark fins. Where’s it all end?”

Some cities – including Chicago and Springfield – already ban minors from tanning beds.

—Chris Slaby

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One Response to Tanning Bed Ban Clears Illinois House

  1. Donna says:

    I understand how Rep. Reboletti feels. In general, I believe that the government shouldn’t interfere in how I decide to raise my children. However, in this case, I completely agree with the ban. I have Stage IV melanoma. Tanning beds are part of the reason I have it. I also ALLOWED MY DAUGHTER TO TAN and guess what? She had a melanoma removed from her back last Summer. She caught hers early, thank God. But it was still melanoma. Had I known the dangers of indoor tanning, my daughter would never have used a tanning bed and neither would I. I truly believe that kids are still tanning today because parents are not aware of the dangers…very serious dangers. Tanning beds have been classified by the World Health Organization as a known human carcinogen. So why would we even consider letting teens continue to use them? It’s my sincere hope that this bill passes the Senate and ends up on Governor Quinn’s desk for signature. It has to happen, or many more young people will continue to die from this horrendous disease.

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