Dist. 186 Superintendent Milton – Exit Interview

MiltonpicDistrict 186 superintendent Walter Milton will be leaving that role at the end of the month. The school board voted to terminate his contract and replace him. The school board approved a separation agreement with Milton earlier this month. Milton recently spoke with Rachel Otwell about his time at the district and what his future holds, including perhaps a role in higher ed. Listen to the full interview:


NOTE: The second sentence of the intro to this story has been updated to clarify the referenced vote by the school board. You can see that agreement here. Milton’s contract was originally set to expire in 2014.

Milton says there have been a number of achievements in the district during his time there. He says he’s happy with the increase in student achievement and the number of students who have gone on to college. But he also recognizes challenges, including fiscal constraints and the politics that take place within the school board. The board’s recent decision to close a college prep school for low-income students, which Milton helped found, has gained contempt from parents, students, and some in the community. Milton anticipates that hot-button topics will continue.

As for his future, Milton has interviewed for other superintendent roles – unsuccessfully. He says a position in higher education may be possible:

MILTON: “Maybe a college vice president or something of that nature. It will be an opportunity to pursue some of my own interests in terms of expanding my idea in terms of entrepreneurialship. And looking at other K-12 opportunities as well.”

Robert Leming, current interim human resources director, will become interim superintendent for the district April 1st when Milton leaves. It’s up to the school board to find a permanent replacement. The board has yet to solidify plans for a search.

UPDATE NOTE: The second sentence of the intro to this story has been changed to more accurately reflect the referenced vote by the school board. You can see that agenda item here.

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