Springfield Sets New Limits For St. Pat’s Day Revelry

stpatdayparade_logoThe annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Springfield is always a “spirited” occasion.  But those planning on drinking alcohol outdoors should expect to pay more for the privilege this year.

A $1 wrist band will be required for any purchases from bars selling along the parade route.  The historically “B-Y-O” event now prohibits coolers with adult beverages brought from home.  Mayor Mike Houston says the new limits are to discourage underage drinking and prevent hours of cleanup once the revelry is over.

HOUSTON:  “Before you can begin to clean anything, you’ve got to get the glass off the street.  And last year it was really midnight by the time we were able to get the streets opened up.  It really was a mess and we simply want to try and avoid that this year.”

Glass bottles aren’t the only thing off limits.  Pets, bicycles and skateboards are also banned.

Houston says stricter limits have to do with crowd size.  An estimated 40,000 came downtown for last year’s parade and the City is expecting similar attendance this year.

From the City of Springfield’s website:

The parade starts on Jefferson & 6th streets heading west to 5th street; The parade turns south on 5th street to Capitol street; Then heading north on 6th street to the reviewing stand, then to Washington street turning east, back to the beginning.

  • Outside sales are available from 11 am – 5 pm
  • Spectators must have a wrist band to consume alcohol outside. Wrist bands can be purchased form downtown vendors
  • Last call for outside sales is 5:30 pm
  • No personal alcohol is allowed
  • No personal coolers are allowed
  • Glass bottles are NOT allowed on the streets, police will strictly enforce this rule
  • No bikes, pets (unless for service needs), or skateboards allowed

FIND MORE INFORMATION AT: http://www.springfieldirish.org/

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