Cell Tower At Pasfield Golf Course?

Example of a cell tower disguised as a tree

Example of a cell tower disguised as a tree

The Springfield Park Board will meet tonight (3/14) at 5:30 at their district headquarters at Bunn Golf Course on South 11th street to consider a new source of revenue. But some residents are concerned about what it might do to their property values. The issue is a 100 foot cell phone tower that AT&T wants to build on Pasfield Golf Course. The cell provider would pay the district a one-time fee and monthly rent for the space, which could be $1,500 a month or more.

The tower would essentially be disguised as a tree, and according to Gray Noll, vice president of the Springfield park board, it will also provide better cell service to the area.

NOLL: “My personal opinion is all government entities should be looking at ways to bring in revenue.”

Bart Troy lives near the golf course, he and some of his neighbors are leery of the idea:

TROY: “It’s very visible at 100 feet with its spiky appearance. And the other side of it is that it may affect home values and property values.”

If the board votes to approve the plan at the meeting it would still need city zoning approval.

-Rachel Otwell

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One Response to Cell Tower At Pasfield Golf Course?

  1. Graham Murdock says:

    It is a COMMUNITY problem.

    Raising money by selling Park assets is simply nuts. You, Vice President Noll, are entrusted with the care and protection of our parks!!! What is it that you do not understand about that? You know….TRUST!!!

    Your charter does not give you the right to turn our parks into a commercial environment. You do not have the right to make this a Park give-away program! You want money, raise it legitimately and not by squandering our Park assets, entrusted to you to manage and PROTECT!

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