Paper Shortage At Springfield High

PaperPicAs district 186 continues efforts to shave down its budget, which is millions in the red, at least one school has struggled to maintain the bare necessities. Rachel Otwell reports:


At this week’s school board meeting, president Susan White made an announcement about shortages at Springfield High School:

WHITE: “I’ve just had some feedback from parents… in fact and my daughter is a student, telling me that the school is out of copy paper. So is that agenda item going to address the copy paper shortage… Why do we have no copy paper?”

That may sound problematic enough, but then White continued:

WHITE: “They also said there’s no toilet paper.”

According to the district’s spokesperson, Pete Sherman, the high school has plenty of T.P and never ran out. Copy paper though? That’s another story.

Sherman says the district froze school supply accounts at the end of the last school year in order to save money. That means schools like SHS are having to shift around their expenses. Sherman says money for copy paper will be taken from the school’s fund for furniture, and the school has been encouraged to use technological alternatives, like Google Docs.

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3 Responses to Paper Shortage At Springfield High

  1. Save CCPA says:

    Two days after voting to close CCPA, Susan White was having fun delivering toilet paper to SHS. If she cared as much about CCPA students as she does her own re-election, she might have voted for Bill Looby’s CCPA compromise motion on Tuesday.

  2. Save CCPA says:

    CCPA supporter:
    “You can see the SHS visitors parking sign in the picture….that’s the south entrance to SHS, I’ve dropped my kids off there often enough to recognize it. I thought that there was a policy about no campaigning on school property? I must have been mistaken I guess…..”

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