Springfield Aldermen To Debate City Worker Cap Proposal

Tuesday night the Springfield City Council will return to a debate over a proposal that would limit the number of full time city workers on the payroll.

Joe McMenamin

Ward Seven Alderman Joe McMenamin is among those urging a “yes” vote on the ordinance that would cap head count at 1,500 and require monthly reports of staffing levels by department.

Peter Gray spoke with Ald. McMenamin about why he believes now is the time to “lock in” savings from recent reductions in city personnel:

[.mp3 – 7:45]


Listen to Committee of the Whole debate the proposed ordinance (Feb. 13, 2013) [.mp3 – 24:15]

Read the full text of the ordinance (Adobe .pdf)

View chart of budgeted staffing levels since FY2005 (.jpg)

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