Madigan Schedules Concealed Carry Hearings

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is seeking public input on concealed carry of firearms and gun safety at two hearings later this month.
The Chicago Democrat announced Thursday that the Judiciary Committee will have public hearings Feb. 19 at the state Capitol and Feb. 22 in Chicago.
Madigan says the hearings will allow gun-rights advocates, gun-control supporters and police to “offer their views and argue their cases” on the issues.
A federal court rejected the state’s concealed-carry ban in December and demanded the Illinois Legislature adopt some form of firearms possession.  
Madigan says hearings are important after the court decision and the December school massacre in Connecticut.
Concealed-carry legislation that narrowly failed in 2011 has been re-introduced in the Illinois House.  (AP)

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One Response to Madigan Schedules Concealed Carry Hearings

  1. John Smith says:

    This great…but what about those of us who live in southern Illinois and who would like our voice to be heard? Again lawmakers only cafe about Chicago…

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