Governor Quinn Urges Pension Action, Minimum Wage Hike

Gov. Pat Quinn is telling lawmakers that they hold the solution to solving the state’s fiscal crisis, particularly Illinois’ worst-in-the-nation pension problem.
The Chicago Democrat says it’s hard but not impossible.   He spoke to lawmakers during his annual State of the State address on Wednesday.
Quinn put his support behind Senate Bill 1, which was measure introduced last month. It includes parts of a Senate-approved measure along with the increased contributions and reduced benefits in the bill that failed to get a House vote. It’s sponsored by Senate President John Cullerton.
Illinois has nearly $100 billion in unfunded liability and Quinn called it the “toughest of issues” in the state.
However, he only made scattered references throughout his speech to the problem.

Hear WUIS’ coverage of the Governor’s speech:

Hear mp3

Business interests in Illinois say they’re behind Gov. Pat Quinn’s call for pension reform.
The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association says “the time for talk is over.” Association president Greg Baise says the Illinois General Assembly must pass pension reform because the state’s fiscal instability is forcing businesses “to look elsewhere for future investments.”
Quinn discussed the state’s nearly $100 billion pension crisis during his State of the State address on Wednesday.
The Illinois Chamber of Commerce says pensions are “the single most pressing public policy issue.” The chamber calls lawmakers’ failure to address pensions “unconscionable.”

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association and Illinois Chamber of Commerce are against raising the state’s minimum wage.
Gov. Pat Quinn proposed raising Illinois’ minimum wage from $8.25 to $10 an hour. He made the announcement during his annual State of the State speech on Wednesday.
The merchants association represents more than 23,000 stores. President David Vite says raising the state’s minimum wage will hurt people looking for jobs and employers. He says instead Quinn and lawmakers should focus on the state’s budget crisis and pension problems.
The chamber says raising the minimum wage is “an untimely, ill-advised and outrageous proposal.”
Quinn says nobody should work 40 hours a week and live in poverty. The federal rate has been $7.25 an hour since 2007.


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One Response to Governor Quinn Urges Pension Action, Minimum Wage Hike

  1. Greg Grady says:

    I watched the adress on WSEC TV and after speech they had some comments and one of the guys said when Quinn was talking about the pensions He should have just turned around and asked Speaker Madigan “What he wanted ?” Quinn is the Governor but Madigan is running the show. On the 179th day of the session they will still not have fixed the pensions! The Legislator caused the problem by not funding the systems, They will have to raise taxes and cut spending in order to fix Illinois. At the end of this years session they will have same sex marrige, drivers licenses for the so-called “Undocumented” and some kind of “military look alike “gun” ban. The real military guns have been against the law for years. Quinn did talk about the violence in our cities “Chicago”, but never mentions it is being done with mostly stolen HAND GUNS, Never let the details get in the way of a good anti gun bill in Illinois. It’s not a gun problem in Illinois, it’s a culture problem. Pike County has one of the highest gun owners per capita in the Country and has NO gun crime. Why do you think that is??

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