State Universities Retain Civil Service Exemption Authority

State universities in Illinois can continue to exempt jobs from the Civil Service system. That’s the decision made Wednesday on a proposed rules change by a state regulatory panel.  Jim Meadows reports: [.mp3 – :51]

The State Universities Civil Service Merit Board voted to withdraw proposed rules that would switch the authority to exempt jobs from Civil Service from universities to the Civil Service system itself. That good news to Chairman Kostas Yfantis of the Council of Academic Professionals at the University of Illinois Urbana campus.

YFANTIS: “You would have an agency outside of the day-to-day operations, outside of the operational fabric of the university, determining who is an academic professional and who is a Civil Service employee.”

But Civil Service officials say unfair exemptions – notably at the U of I Chicago campus a few years back – block advancement for qualified Civil Service workers. Merit Board members say they’re seeking other ways to reduce improper Civil Service job exemptions.  I’m Jim Meadows.

DISCLOSURE:   Reporter Jim Meadows is classified as a non-Civil Service Academic Professional employee, at Illinois Public Media at the University of Illinois Urbana campus.

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