Online Taxpaying Available in Illinois

After being delayed by the “fiscal cliff” showdown in Washington, Illinois’ income tax filing season officially opened Wednesday.
As Chris Slaby reports, there are a couple of changes to this year’s filing process.

In the upper right-hand corner on the Department of Revenue’s webpage is a link to WebFile.
To do your taxes, all you need is the click of a mouse and some typing on the keyboard.

HOFER: “It’s done as  kind of question and answer format, rather than putting a form up and having you find the right numbers to fill in the blanks.”

Sue Hofer is the spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Revenue.
She said this year will mark the first time same-sex couples in civil unions can file together online.
All taxpayers who file online can receive their returns on a debit card, which avoids check cashing fees.
Hofer said tax forms can also be downloaded and filled out by hand.

HOFER: “If there are people who don’t feel comfortable going online to purchase things or do their taxes, we’ll always accept a paper return put in a mailbox.”

According to Hofer, nearly 80 percent of Illinois taxpayers filed online last year.

Chris Slaby

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