Cullerton Urges Quick Pension Overhaul

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton wants to push forward with a pension overhaul “as quickly as possible” and says the timing is good to move forward with legalizing gay marriage.
He spoke to the City Club of Chicago on Monday, giving a slide-slow presentation on Illinois’ financial problems.
The Chicago Democrat stressed the need for addressing Illinois’ worst-in-the-nation pension problem, which he says drains the state budget.
Cullerton introduced a bill after lawmakers were sworn in this month. Senate Bill 1 combines a Senate-approved measure along with a bill that failed to get a House roll-call.
He says he’s working to get support. The Senate reconvenes next week.  
Cullerton says Standard & Poor’s recent credit rating downgrade should motivate lawmakers to act.  (AP)

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2 Responses to Cullerton Urges Quick Pension Overhaul

  1. Greg Grady says:

    Did Cullerton have a slide show that told who the Governors and Legislators were who voted to suspend the States contribution to the systems?? These clowns are to blame for the pension problem, they stole the pension money!!! Most of this has Mike Madigans finger prints all over it!!! Pass some reforms then let the lawsuits begin!!!

    Greg in Monticello IL

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