Sales Tax Hike To Help Springfield Schools And City Government?

A sales tax hike to benefit both public schools and the City of Springfield is being floated.  The District 186 Superintendent has brought up the idea.
Mayor Mike Houston admits he knows little about the plan which is one of several proposals to raise money for the school system.  He says it’s important to cut spending first… but says he will listen to what the Superintendent has to say…

HOUSTON  “I believe it’s important to fully fund education. But I also think it’s important whether it’s an elected member of a school board, a city council or as an elected mayor, that you be very judicious in terms of your spending.”

District 186 and other Sangamon County schools tried a sales tax referendum a few years ago, but voters turned it down.  Springfield’s city council has the authority to raise the tax and split proceeds with the schools, avoiding the ballot.   Superintendent Walter Milton is wrestling with a budget deficit.  He has reduced the amount of cuts he wants to make for the next fiscal year, from 8-million to less than 7 million dollars.

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