Higher Ed Performance Funding Still A Work In Progress

gradSince last year, Illinois’ public universities have been living under an ultimatum: meet certain standards or have funding cut. But the amount of money at risk has been relatively small.

It’s called “performance funding,” and it’s meant to reward public universities that help low-income students go to school and make sure people actually graduate. But of the big pool of money Illinois spent on public universities in the current budget year, only one-half of one-percent was tied to performance — about $6 million. An advisory committee of the Illinois Board of Higher Education says that percentage should remain roughly the same next year.

Abbas Aminmansour  heads the board’s faculty advisory committee. He also teaches architecture at the U of I in Urbana.

AMINMANSOUR “Costs keep going up. State funding keeps going down. And then we keep doing these things. So we have to very careful that we don’t harm our institutions.”

Aminmansour says universities and their faculties are not afraid of having their performance measured. But he says with declining enrollment and budget cuts, it’s a difficult time to put a school’s funding at risk.

– Brian Mackey.

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