General Assembly Adjourns Permanently — No Pension Vote

The 97th General Assembly has permanently adjourned without taking action to fix Illinois’ underfunded pension systems. Brian Mackey has more:

House Speaker Michael Madigan issued the coup de grâce.

MADIGAN: “This is the motion that you’ve all been waiting for: I hereby move that this session of the General Assembly do stand adjourned sine die.”

That’s despite a last-minute push for pension action by Gov. Pat Quinn. He even made an unusual appearance to face questions from a House committee on his plan.

It would have created a commission to propose a pension overhaul — recommendations that would have automatically become law unless the General Assembly specifically voted it down.

Members of the House approved it in committee, but several said they were doing so only as a show of respect for the governor, and had serious reservations about whether the idea was constitutional.

Meanwhile, Senate President John Cullerton, whose chamber actually passed a limited pension overhaul last year, says the legislature needs to start working on the issue again right away — Wednesday, after the new General Assembly is sworn in.

— Brian Mackey

UPDATE, 5:45 p.m.: The Senate has also adjourned sine die. This story has been updated accordingly.

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