Immigrant Driver’s Licenses Advance in Illinois House

Drivers licenses for immigrants who are in Illinois illegally moved a step closer to passage Monday morning. It passed a House committee on a 6-3 vote. Brian Mackey has the latest.

Backers say there are an estimated 250,000 immigrants driving around Illinois without a driver’s license.

Rep. Edward Acevedo is a Democrat from Chicago. After the measure was approved by a House panel, he spoke surrounded by people who’d come to support the legislation in the Capitol.

ACEVEDO: “Today is a small victory, but either this evening or tomorrow, we will make history. [cheers]”

The measure requires immigrants to obtain liability insurance in order for the license to be valid.

The visitor licenses would have a purple banner declaring that they’re not a form of identification. That’s so they can’t be used to purchase firearms or board an airplane.

The measure now goes to the full House. It already passed the Senate, and Gov. Pat Quinn says he supports it.

— Brian Mackey

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3 Responses to Immigrant Driver’s Licenses Advance in Illinois House

  1. Joe Holbrook says:

    So now they think requiring illegals to obtain insurance is going to make them obey the laws? What keeps them from buying one month of insurance and then letting it lapse? All this is, is another way to get money from people, to spend on votes from THE SAME PEOPLE. 250,000 new licenses times 101 dollars = $25,250,000. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Look at all that money to buy more votes.

  2. Carol says:

    Hopefully, the illegals will have to take their driver’s examination in English. Has anybody ever seen a STOP sign, RR Crossing sign, etc. written in a foreign language?

    • robotgil says:

      HAHAHAHA your ignorant you think that’s what makes a good driver? I guessed on the written yet I still obtained my license. We are not stupid, and we know how the signs work xD. Just like everyone else gets in accidents they do too, but since they can’t obtain insurance without a license they do a hit and run in order to avoid the cops.

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