Quinn Pushing Last Minute Pension Measure

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and the Democratic House speaker have agreed to forgo the dicey issue of local schoolteachers’ retirement costs in order to approve a fix for the state’s $96 billion pension deficit.
Quinn told reporters after a meeting in Wheaton with Republicans that he will meet with legislative leaders tomorrow to try to reach a deal.
Steve Brown is spokesman for House Speaker Michael Madigan. He says the Chicago Democrat told Quinn that reform legislation is paramount and lawmakers can figure out the financing later.  
A solution to the monstrous underfunding of state employee retirement systems has been snagged because Republicans oppose shifting some costs for teachers’ pensions to local school boards.
Brown says the goal is to approve a measure before the current General Assembly ends Wednesday.  (AP)

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One Response to Quinn Pushing Last Minute Pension Measure

  1. Jim Winhold says:

    Speaker Madigan says “lawmakers can figure out the financing later.” Isn’t that what got us into this problem in the first place. Yes shifting the burden to school districts will cause local districts to raise taxes. More revenue is what is needed to fix the problem, and since the state government doesn’t have the, to use a Blago line, “testicular veracity” to do, it seems only fitting that they would force it on local school boards. What we really need is a legislature that takes it’s job seriously and understands and follows the rules. We haven’t had one of those for decades, if ever.

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