National Surveying Museum Announces Closure

SurveyinglogoA Springfield museum dedicated to the history of surveying has announced it’s closing as of today (1/2/13). Abraham Lincoln’s National Museum of Surveying used the former President’s name not simply as a gimmick – Lincoln did land surveying from 1833 to 1837.

Surveyors measure the physical points of landscapes – their work is utilized to this day for things like map-making and establishing boundaries. Robert Church fought to have the only national museum of its kind located in Illinois’ capital. He volunteered at the museum, which only had one paid employee. He says he’s sad that it’s proven to be an unsustainable effort since the doors opened in 2010:

CHURCH: “We had some funding to help start buying the building and renovating the building. But shortly after that, the economy went south, and so did our donations. And we’ve been struggling ever since.”

Church says there is some hope that the museum could be turned into an educational center, focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Though without last-minute donors, the building is expected to enter foreclosure.

-Rachel Otwell

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