Houston’s FY2014 Budget: No Service Cutbacks, Layoffs Or Furloughs Proposed

Mayor Houston PhotoSpringfield Mayor Mike Houston’s proposed budget for the coming year is now before the City Council and will be reviewed by aldermen starting in January.

In a news release Wednesday, Houston called his plan a balanced one that will maintain all current city services.  The Mayor’s Budget Director Bill McCarty added that while cuts and deferments would be necessary next year, “it was nice to be in a position where those cuts didn’t have to involve discussions on service cutbacks, layoffs, or furloughs as in recent years.”

CLICK HERE for more on the FY2014 budget plan (including details by city department)

The following is information provided by the Mayor’s Office:


  • City revenue will increase by 3.26% but the budget will only increase by 3.06%; (Surplus expected to be approximately $2 million).
  • Total number of city employees will be 33.5 less than FY2013 (73 fewer than when Mayor Houston took office. FY2012 – 1599, FY2014 proposed-1524)
  • The Property Tax rate remains unchanged for FY 2014.
  • Regular salary growth for FY2014 (2.6%) will represent a year-over-year decline of more than 50%. (Salary growth between FY2012 and FY2013 was 5.34%)
  • Contributions to Police and Fire pensions will be approximately $1 million greater that the level suggested by the Department of Insurance.


  • Fire/Rescue Vehicle (Fire Department)
  • Breathing Apparatus (Fire Department)
  • Mobile Data Computers (Police Department)
  • Server updates/upgrades at 911 Center (Fire & Police Departments)
  • Paralegal (Legal Department)
  • Lincoln Library Facility Improvements
  • Public Works Facility Improvements
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